American Freedom GTMAXX

The American Freedom GT MAXX frame rack is proudly made in the U.S.A

The American Freedom GT MAXX frame machine provides everything you need to examine and repair vehicles efficiently and safely, and in turn, increase productivity. This model resembles traditional frame machines that technicians are familiar with, so training to use the American Freedom GT MAXX Frame rack is simple. The American Freedom GT MAXX Frame machine is available in two, three, or four tower configurations. The hand held remote that controls the Signature’s centralized hydraulic system is connected by 25 feet of cord to increase mobility, allowing the technician to move freely and fully examine while repairing. The American Freedom GT MAXX Frame machine features a 22 foot long treadway and 96 inch total bed width, allowing technicians to work on a wide variety of vehicle widths.


Length of bed:(top) 22 ft. (671 cm)
Length w/towers extended:26 ft. 11in. (820 cm)
Width of bed:96 in.
Width w/towers extended:12 ft. 9 in.
Width of treadway:30.5 in.
Width between treadways:35 in.
Overall height:9 ft. 11in. (302 cm)Twr hds lwrd: 9 ft. 1 in. (277 cm)
Loading Height:14 in.
Working height:16 in. up to 42 in. (107 cm)
Hydraulics:10 ton (9 metric ton), all electric over hyd.
Power required:120v, 20 amp dedicated service.
Optional tower configurations:2, 3, or 4 towers
Tie Downs:222
Lift capacity:15,000 lbs.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice*


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