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Frame Machines

A frame machine is a bulky piece of machinery, that is found in auto repair shops. Used for collision repair, this machinery is used to realign and straighten a vehicle frame that has been damaged either through a collision or by excessive rust.

Frame machines are available in various sizes ranging from 15 feet to 24 feet. Sometimes though, a machine can be manufactured to suit certain user specifications.

Apart from coming in various sizes, frame machines are also available in quite a number of distinct designs. This is to ensure that they are able to accommodate the uni-body frame and body-over frame that vehicles are manufactured in.

In case you are wondering, a uni body frame is that in which both frame and body are designed as an integral piece. While a body over frame is one in which the vehicle component is separate from the body.

They are also the most flexible machine types, suited to working on Complicated parts that need to be blasted in certain areas around the part. Example of such areas include the motor frame, the complete axles, the rear frame,the car body components and Tubes for axles.

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Over at, we have a variety of frame machines that you can choose from. They include the American Freedom GT Maxx automative frame machine, the Signature Hybrid frame machine, American Freedom tilt automotive frame machine, among others. We also have Auto body frame machines from the Star A liner Cheetah Line.

Our machines are very fast, very efficient and very easy to operate. They are also the best accessories and equipment that you can find anywhere in the business.

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