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Are you in need of auto body equipment? If you’re looking for auto body equipment, you need to find a professional, well-stocked auto body shop that offers all of the essentials that you’ll need for home or business auto body work. There are certain pieces of equipment and certain tools that you will need for almost all types of auto body work, regardless of the type of repair or renovation you’ll be doing. The following are some of the most essential equipment you’ll find at a proper auto body shop.Auto Body Frame MachineAn auto body frame machine needs to be sturdy, reliable, powerful and as much versatility as possible. There are different styles and brands of frame machines, as well as frame racks, on offer; if you are unsure about which one you should purchase, you should consult with a shop about which machine is best for your needs.Tool PackagesThere are many common tools that you’ll need when doing auto body work and repair. Instead of buying each essential tool individually, you should consider buying a comprehensive tool package which includes the tools you’ll need for most types of auto body work. Tool packages not only save you the hassle of having to purchase items individually, you actually save money in the long run when buying them together as a package instead of on their own. The tools commonly included in packages are double eye chain hooks, quick hooks, panel pullers, deep hooks, flat nose metal hooks in various sizes, cable slings, unibody clamps and more.Miscellaneous ToolsThere are other essential tools that you’ll require for most types of auto body work which aren’t usually included as part of typical tool packages offered by most body shops. These other tools include anchors, dollies, remote controlled winches, as well as push posts and wheel chocks.Anchoring ToolsYou will need anchoring tools when working with a frame rack or machine. The most common anchoring tools include a universal style pinchweld, full frame holding vise, frame stands, as well as clamps and vises which are designed specifically for certain car models. For instance, there are anchoring clamps for Honda, Mercedes, BMW and other models.Paint BoothsIf you will be working with paint, you should consider purchasing a paint booth. Paint booths allow you to do full body paint and other types of paint work in a professional-style environment that gives you professional level results.

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