Tips For Purchasing a Frame Rack

Frame Racks

A frame rack, also known as a frame machine or frame straightening machine, is a piece of professional auto body equipment which holds cars straight and secure while they are being worked on. If you are looking to purchase a new frame machine for your body shop, consider the following tips to help you buy the right frame straightening machine for the job.

Tip #1: Know what specifications you need

Different frame racks may have very different specifications, particularly more recent models which may be designed to accommodate heavier and larger cars as well as lighter and smaller models.

Tip #2: Consider the working heights

In other words, how high—and how long—can the frame rack go in terms of allowing you to work higher or lower to the ground? The best models should allow the working height to go as low as 12 inches and as high as 42 inches, though this will vary from model to model.

Tip #3: Don’t forget about the specifications of your shop

It’s all well and good to purchase a frame rack which can accommodate wide vehicles—but can your shop accommodate the rack? Before you make any frame rack purchase, you need to be absolutely sure that it fits within the current confines of your hop.

Tip #4: Find a model without too many dead zones

Dead zones are areas where you cannot properly access an area of the vehicle to work on it. The best models have a few dead zones as possible to maximize your productivity.

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